Frequently Asked Questions

FluencyFinder will be available for download on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store in Spring of 2017.
On this website, select the “Passages” tab and click on the name of each passage you would like to download and print for your students to read. You can also click here to get to the list of printable passages.
In the app, tap the “Students” button, then select the student you would like to review. Tap “Assessment History” to view the results and information for each of the selected student’s assessments.

Target rates for each grade are:

  • First Grade: 60-70 WPM
  • Second Grade: 80-95 WPM
  • Third Grade: 100-120 WPM
  • Fourth Grade: 120-135 WPM
  • Fifth Grade: 130-145 WPM
  • Sixth Grade: 140-155 WPM
  • Seventh Grade: 150-165 WPM
  • Eighth Grade: 160-175 WPM