• Installs in seconds
  • Quick start, easy to use
  • Built-in Start/Stop assessment timer
  • Instantly calculates and stores results for constant access to data
  • Email data-sharing feature
  • 6 original passages PLUS comprehension questions for one-step reading fluency and comprehension assessments

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Available on Google Play and the App Store

FluencyFinder is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in the iTunes App Store, and now available for Android on Google Play!.

Get Results Right Away

Whether you’re a teacher, home schooler, active player in your student’s education — or anyone involved in assessing student reading skills — FluencyFinder is the powerful, time-saving app for your teaching arsenal. Lose the paper and pencil. Toss the timer and calculator. Say goodbye to the time-consuming manual labor required for fluency assessments — recording results, maintaining records, sharing information.

Saves You Time

No more counting words and mistakes or clocking reading time. FluencyFinder does it all for you, accurately and efficiently — so you spend more time on what really matters – making your student a better reader!

Designed By a Teacher

Designed by a fourth grade teacher frustrated with the many hours required for student reading evaluations, FluencyFinder makes it quick and easy to assess fluency for 1st – 8th grade reading levels. No watching the timer or writing down mistakes! No calculating and recording results!

Focus On What Matters

FluencyFinder does all the work and stores it all on your iPhone or iPad. So you can focus on what counts — listening and assessing your student’s reading fluency, expression, and comprehension.

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  • Fantastic Find! We homeschool two children and love this app. Easy to use, captures your data and tells me the expected WPM for their grade level. Love it!!!!iTunes App Store Review

  • As a lifelong advocate for a parent’s role in their child’s education and success, I very much appreciate this app. It gives parents a great tool for helping their child at home while supporting the role of the teacher at the same time. Thank you so much! Parents will find this very helpful!iTunes App Store Review

  • Awesome App! I just assessed my entire 4th grade class in half the time it usually takes… It was so nice to not watch my stopwatch and finally be able to focus more effectively on the student’s reading. My scores are right at my fingertips and I will be able to track them throughout the year. A true time saver with accurate and trackable results!! A MUST HAVE for all teachers!iTunes App Store Review

  • This app is a must have! What a great tool for busy teachers. Thanks!!iTunes App Store Review

  • FluencyFinder has saved me so much time! I love this app. All I need to do is grab my iPad, look up a particular student, and I am able to find their results in seconds.Michelle, 3rd grade teacher, Maryland

  • I heard about this app from another teacher at school and it has changed my life. I don’t know how we ever got by without it! Thank you, FluencyFinder! iTunes App Store Review

  • This app is just what I needed! With FluencyFinder, all of my data is easy to access and always available!Lisa, 4th grade, Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I print passages?

    On this website, select the “Passages” tab and click on the name of each passage you would like to download and print for your students to read.

  • How do I access students’ results and keep track of the data in the app?

    Tap the “Students” button, then select the student you would like to review. Tap “Assessment History” to view the results and information for each of the selected student’s assessments.

  • How fast should a student read?

    Target rates for each grade are:

    • First Grade: 60-70 WPM
    • Second Grade: 80-95 WPM
    • Third Grade: 100-120 WPM
    • Fourth Grade: 120-135 WPM
    • Fifth Grade: 130-145 WPM
    • Sixth Grade: 140-155 WPM
    • Seventh Grade: 150-165 WPM
    • Eighth Grade: 160-175 WPM

  • The app does not seem to fit on my device’s screen correctly. How do I fix this?

    Ensure that your Zoom setting is off by following these steps:

    • Close FluencyFinder.
    • Open the Settings app.
    • Tap General > Accessibility > Zoom.
    • If Zoom is set to On, slide it to Off.
    • Open FluencyFinder.

    If this does not resolve the issue, try restarting your device by following these steps:

    • Simultaneously hold down the power button and home button.
    • Slide to power off.
    • Hold down the power button until the device turns on.
    • Open FluencyFinder.

Choose from either a Word or PDF file for each passage to download and print for your students to read.

Please note: FluencyFinder narrative passages are original material. Fables and Myths are drawn from various original sources. The informational passages have been researched for factual material and then written for grade reading level. Literary passages are exact excerpts from original texts currently in the public domain, with occasional minor editorial changes to allow for word count and grade reading level requirements.

1st Grade Reading Level Passages

2nd Grade Reading Level Passages

3rd Grade Reading Level Passages

4th Grade Reading Level Passages

5th Grade Reading Level Passages

6th Grade Reading Level Passages

7th Grade Reading Level Passages

8th Grade Reading Level Passages


Announcing FluencyFinder 2.5
Brand new tools for a new school year!

Here’s what’s NEW NOW…

  • ** NEW! Data-sharing e-mail function
  • ** NEW! Comprehension questions for a one-step fluency and reading comprehension assessment

And what’s COMING SOON…

  • ** COMING SOON! Updated and reformatted reading passages, PLUS a complete “Passage Snapshot” list for quicker access and passage comparison
  • ** COMING SOON! 32 brand new passages from great literary classics for grades 1-8 reading levels – adding even more choices and variety to your fluency assessments throughout the year
  • ** COMING SOON! FluencyFinder 1.0 for Android users

Dear FluencyFinder Friends and Aficionados,

You spoke, and we listened. Then we went hard to work to bring you this latest and greatest version – FluencyFinder 2.0! Now available in the App Store and ready to download to your iPhone (iPad, etc.). And just in time for Back-to-School!

You’ll find all the features you love about FluencyFinder in the 2.0 version, plus a few that you told us you wished for – including data sharing with the new email function, and a one-step comprehension assessment for all 48 passages.

Unlike other educational tools that require a one-minute reading fluency assessment, PLUS a separate assessment step to measure reading comprehension, FluencyFinder 2.0 lets your student read the entire passage in one quick sitting. Now you can assess both fluency and comprehension at the same time.

When the assessment ends, FluencyFinder instantly calculates the results and stores them in your Student Record for immediate access. The new email feature lets you quickly share the results with anyone who needs them – a BIG plus for schools that use FluencyFinder to track students’ RTI data.

As for customer reviews, we’ve received piles of letters filled with praise and positive feedback for FluencyFinder. We’ve heard from teachers who have saved dozens of hours on their fluency assessments, and from parents who are using the tool after school with their kids. School system administrators have purchased the app for all their classrooms (and saved their districts’ precious dollars with FluencyFinder’s multi-purchase education discount). We’ve even heard from ESL students and teachers – both here and abroad – who use the app to improve their English language skills.

Since its launch a year ago, we’ve seen FluencyFinder’s name appear in a host of education websites, blogs, and publications that spread the word and rewards of this amazing tool. Our user base has been steadily growing. We were even voted into Edublogs’ 2012 Top 5 “Best Mobile Apps for Educators and Students.” We’re proud of our success, and we plan to keep listening and working to make this app the most incredible tool it can be.

However, we still believe our real “secret for success” is founded on good old-fashioned “word of mouth” – from YOU, our users. Teachers telling teachers telling parents telling other teachers telling fluency seekers around the globe. So please, keep talking to each other, to everyone – AND, most importantly, to us! Let us hear what you think, what you like, don’t like, wish for, think about, and anything else that’s on your mind about fluency assessment, reading passages, educational technology, or the FluencyFinder app itself. And please don’t be shy about writing your reviews in the App Store or on our website at www.fluencyfinder.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Sincerely all things “fluency” and otherwise,

P.S. Look for our brand new website – with more education resources and info – coming soon!

ALSO COMING SOON! We’ve been updating and reformatting all the current FluencyFinder passages (six passages per grade levels 1-8) to make reading and comprehension assessments easier than ever for your students. (They might even enjoy it!). And we’ll be adding even more passages this fall – from public domain classics like Black Beauty, The Secret Garden, Peter Pan, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and more – which we hope will introduce, inform, and engage your students, and offer you more choices and flexibility in your fluency assessments. PLUS, FluencyFinder for Android users – just around the corner!